After we went to the Chinese Theater we went to the Hollywood Historic Museum in
the old Max Factor Building.  This building is floor after floor of wonderful exhibits.  
There is a room there that you can sit in and watch hour after hour of the old
wonderful films and historic Hollywood's original stars.  This  is the story of who
and what made Hollywood from the beginning.  There were rooms filled with the old
Max Factor cosmetics and the beautiful Max Factor women's portraits.
I would like to thank the celebrities that were my role models growing up and my
Favorite Movie Stars of today.   They have often said what I didn't’t have the
courage to say.  They did the things I wanted to do but was unable to  because of
my health problems.  These people were there to give me and so many
others someone to laugh with, to cry with and to believe in our own imagination...
dreams our dreams!
Why do movies matter to me so much?

Too Many of YOU who have entertained us left  way too soon....
But as it has been said in many movies...


I will miss you so very much Robin Williams...I see your star twinkling in the sky.
Bruce Reitz, MD       He led
the Stanford team that
performed the world's
first successful human
heart-lung transplant in
He and Dr. Robbins
performed the Miracle of
standing over me in
surgery for more than 13
My total surgery lasted 24
People who have Inspired Me  
People I Hope to Meet
Movies have brought me a great deal of enjoyment over the years.  
They have given me a way to escape from the boundaries of my life to
see the world, to laugh, to cry and to have hope.   I love learning
about the special effects in a movie.  I also enjoy the  old movies from
the 20’s to the mid 50’s.

I had a chance to visit "Old Hollywood" for a short trip.  I am hoping to
go again to see more.   One of my favorite spots was the
Grauman's Chinese Theater.   It wasn't a disappointment.  I searched
from one cement square to the next.  So many great memories came
flooding back as I saw the squares from so many stars that have
been part of my life growing up.  It made me think about all the
stars who have entertained me and that I was standing in or next to
their hand and foot prints…it was an awesome feeling.  It made me
think about the risk they took to make their dreams come true.  It
takes courage to make your dreams come true, whether you are
trying to be a star or you are getting a transplant.
Please Come Back, I will be
adding more to this page.
George Lucus

Your Movies
took me to a
place where I
didn't have to
think about
being sick.
My Mom!
Helice "Sparky" Bridges
Who I Am Makes a Difference
Dana Bristol-Smith
"Leap to Success"